Our Services

Software Development

Our company is focused on developing flexible and efficient software to solve the multiple requirements of your company, that is why our team of developers have extensive experience in the creation of software products to optimize and catapult your business.

In MCM we manufacture software utilizing the latest technology, we create strong, robust solutions and with great security, in the process of development we adapt to requirements of our clients, we develop in programming languages such as: Java, .Net, Ruby On Rails, Python, PHP,etc.  We dominate the most advanced database engines such as:  Oracle, Mysql, Microsoft SQL Server, Maria DB,IBM ISeries , IBM DB2U, PostgreSQL, Progress, Informix, Sybase.  We also have expertise in developing applications for big data engines such as: Cassandra, Mongo DB, Hbase and others.

Web Design 

We design corporate web pages, utilizing the latest technologies such as: the HTML5 advanced tags system, CSS3 layout system, Angular, Boostrap  and others technologies certified by the world wide web  consortium W3C . 

Mobile Application Design 

Within our portfolio of services we have the ability to design mobile applications on Android and IOS development platforms. Our team of developers plans, manages and design modern and secure mobile applications.

Business Intelligence 

We can help your company transform from a transactional data model to an analytical data model.  We are experts in the creation of ETL  processes and have in-house software tools to create operational and tactical analytical reports.  We also have extensive expertise on the usage of the most common Bi tools in the market. 

Business Process Management 

We are experts in the development of process based applications such as: Legal process, Procurement process, Contract Management process, etc.  We have extensive expertise in the creation of Business Data Models.