. Can I build my own compliance documents?

A/: Yes. SIMCO is an elastic software that allows for construction on the fly of compliance documents.

. How do user have access to compliance documents?

A/: Registered mobile users will have immediate access to created compliance documents for which they are authorized.

. How can I see or retrieve completed compliance documents?

A/: Registered mobile users will have access to view/print on pdf their completed compliance documents. Admin users can view/print completed compliances for all users of their company.

. Can I analyze data collected using the SIMCO platform?

A/: SIMCO offers automatic reporting and Analytics of data collected. As users are inputting compliance data, reports and analytics are being created for management to review using a browser.

. What if I already have compliance documents on excel or printed paper?

A/: You can import your existing compliance documents to SIMCO by using the import feature.

. What is an entity on SIMCO?

A/: An ENTITY on SIMCO is anything for which a compliance document can be applied. You can process a compliance document for a business; a department of your company; a marketing region; etc.

. How do I get my credentials to access SIMCO?

A/: Your admin will be in charging of registering all new users. An email will be sent with the login credentials.

. Can I take pictures and have them included as part of supporting documentation when filling out a compliance document?

A/: Yes. When you create a compliance document you can have multiple type of answers such as: pictures; radio buttons; dropdown lists; check boxes; text areas; geo-locations and much more.

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